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Members' Benefit Program

Ontario Canadian International School

The Ontario International Canadian School is the first Canadian curriculum school in Dubai. For the 2016-17 school year it will offer programs from Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 8. It will grow a year at a time until it offers a full program through to the end of Grade 12 when students will graduate with a Canadian high school diploma that is recognized internationally, for college and university admission.

The school’s administration, program teaching staff, curricula, teaching materials and methods are Canadian. Members of the Canadian Business Council of Dubai and the Northern Emirates and employees of companies which have a management member who is a member of the Council will receive a five (5) per cent discount on the annual tuition for any accepted child for each year that child is in attendance at the school. 

Interested parents are invited to contact the school directly (Phone: +971 4 255 9899; E-mail: admissions@oics.ae) to arrange for a visit to learn more about the school’s program and practices prior to making an enrolment decision.

Contact Name: Gregory Cosgrove
Position: Project Manager
Telephone: 97142559880
Web: www.oics.ae
Email: gtcosgrove@oics.ae
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