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Message From CBC Chairman

Published on Monday, November 26, 2018
Dear Canadian Business Council Members,
It is with enormous regret that we must announce that after 3 successful years in the position, Beth Hirshfeld will be leaving her role as the CBC Executive Director after a suitable transition period. Beth’s stewardship of the organization has resulted in a CBC that is the strongest it has ever been, with the largest and most active membership base in its history. Beth’s passion for, and commitment to, the organization will luckily not be lost as she will now transition to an actively-engaged Member.

Beth has not finalized her next role, but based on the strong leadership and multitude of talents she displayed leading the CBC, we have no doubt whatever challenge and role she chooses to take on next will be with great success. We certainly will support her in any way possible along that journey.

Our CBC Membership community is an obvious talent pool from which to source our new Executive Director. A job profile for the position is attached. We would appreciate you forwarding this to any candidates that you think are fit for the challenge of continuing to build this great organization. Any qualified applicants should forward their CV to Beth at beth@cbc-dubai.com. To view the job description, please click here.


Eric Koeman
CBC Chairman