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CBC Dubai - Notice of the Annual General Meeting (AGM) - 2019

Published on Tuesday, April 30, 2019



May 2019


Notice is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting (the Meeting) of the members of the Canadian Business Council (the Council) will be held on Tuesday, May 28th at 5pm, for the following purposes:

(a)                 to receive and consider the audited financial statements for the Council for the year ended 30 April 2019 and the auditor’s report thereon;

(b)                to elect the members of the executive committee of the Council (“Executive Committee”);

(c)                 to elect the honorary auditor of the Council; 

(d)                to transact such further and other business as may properly come before the Meeting.

The nature of the business to be transacted at the Meeting is described in further detail in the information circular (the Information Circular) to be sent out to members by Tuesday, May 14th, 2019.  This will include a form of proxy (the Proxy).  The Proxy will enable a member entitled to vote at the Meeting to appoint a Proxy holder to attend and act on such member's behalf at the Meeting.  The Information Circular will also include a list of proposed Executive Committee members to be considered for election at the Annual General Meeting.

The record date for the determination of members entitled to vote at the Meeting is Tuesday, May 14th (the Record Date).  Members of the Council (as designated by the Constitution) who, according to the Council's records, have paid their membership dues as at the close of business on the Record Date will be entitled to vote at the Meeting.

A member entitled to vote may attend the Meeting in person or may be represented by Proxy.  Members who are entitled to vote but are unable to attend the Meeting in person are requested to date, sign and return the Proxy for use at the Meeting. Members wishing to make nominations are respectfully reminded that:

  • "The Executive Committee shall be elected from amongst nominated representatives of paid up members of the Council at the Annual General Meeting"
  • "all nominations must be received in writing by the Executive Committee not less than three weeks before the date of the Annual General Meeting"
  • "every nomination shall be supported by at least two members of the Council"

Please note that to be effective, all nominations must be received at the Council office, by way of the details set out above, on or before 4pm on Tuesday, May 7th 2019.

DATED at Dubai, UAE April 30, 2019.

                                                                                                BY ORDER of the EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE

                                                                                                OF THE CANADIAN BUSINESS COUNCIL