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Canadian University Dubai Interns

Published on Thursday, February 4, 2021

Every semester CUD encourages its students in all programs to enroll in internships or volunteer.

You may want to offer CUD students 3 types of placements: 

-Academic internship: requires between 150 to 180 hours - mandatory for 3rd or 4th year students to graduate. it is structured and should be matching the students course requirements. It is closely supervised by the employer and internship advisor at CUD

-Volunteering or non-structured internships: Optional for all other students. It should be flexible and adjustable based on the students' course schedule and availability (2 to 5 days a week). Not monitored by CUD

-Full time or part-time jobs for final year students, fresh graduates, and alumni

N.B: By law, if the students are on student visa, they are eligible to work up to 6 hours a day / 4 hours in a row.

Click here to view CUD programs for Undergraduates and Graduates.

To post a position on CUD career portal, the employer must fill out the form in this link

Get in touch with diana@cbc-dubai.com or may@cud.ac.ae