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Mr. Hessam Kalantar

Membership : Standard - Individual
Club : Normal
Gender : Male
Board Member : No

Company : Kalantar Business Law Group Ltd.
Job Title : Managing Partner
Category : Legal, Lawyers & Solicitors
Website : www.kalantarlawgroup.com
Nationality : Canadian
Country : United Arab Emirates
City : Dubai
PO Box : 506524


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1) Tell us a bit about you, your company, your experience

I am the founder of KALANTAR BUSINESS LAW GROUP (KBLG). KBLG is a newly launched boutique law firm with market-leading practices, a global perspective, and strong roots in the Middle East and the US. We cut through talk, theory and reams of paper to deliver pragmatic, actionable advice that is attuned to business exigencies and commercial strategy. With offices in Dubai and New York, we bring familiarity with both emerging and developed markets. By containing expenses and using project and value-based fee arrangements, we aim to reduce clients’ legal spend significantly over the long-run. We deploy corporate and transactional best practices tried and tested in the US and UK to serving our clients in the Middle East. In addition to advising on standalone projects, we offer agile, on-demand general counsel type services to bolster our clients’ in-house resources. All of this so we partner with our clients on their growth journey.

1. What were your Aspirations when you came, as a Canadian, to work in the UAE?

My motivation to come the UAE 11 years ago was to experience working and living in an emerging market that was at that time exploding with ambition. My aspiration is to continue to draw inspiration from that energy, which I find more abundant today than ever before, and be a part of the vision of the UAE to excel and succeed in so many areas, including, I hope, through the success of my own, newly launched law firm.

2. What is it about your Business that you believe is strategic for bringing value to your customers?

My business is fundamentally advisory, so it’s about delivering guidance and content that is above all strategic. We like to consider ourselves as a new breed of lawyers that help clients see the big picture, think ahead and plan for the future. That requires doing things right from the get-go and understanding the strategic interests of our clients, and the strategic value of the projects they are pursuing.

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